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Register below to secure your place in this special 'post-covid' edition of the famous SKYETRAIN 8 WEEK TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE!


The fully supported, body-fat-stripping program is here to save the day by getting you back into your best shape and feeling great... and hopefully teach you how to keep it that way!


The principles and methods SKYETRAIN reserves for use with world class bodybuilders and physique competitors have been condensed into an easy-to-follow 8-week system, complete with in-person support from expert coaches.


You will be provided with clear nutritional objectives, individualised to suit your specific body composition. You will be taught how to structure your nutrition to create an optimal calorie deficit that results in maximum body fat reduction.

You will be granted access to the SKYETRAIN mobile app containing clear video instructions of your perfectly balanced workout plans designed exclusively for use with this program. If you're looking for that extra edge, you also have priority access to a SKYETRAIN Personal Trainer (additional cost for PT)


You will have your body composition accurately measured by InBody at both the start and end of the 8 week period (along with before & after photos) as well as weekly check-ins with a trainer every Saturday for weight and girth measurements.


You will be held accountable to your compliance to the system in all areas of your Training and Nutrition. Your success and overall enjoyment will be determined by how closely you can follow the rules and guidelines of the system.


At the end of the 8 Week period, having completed the program with strict adherence, you will possess a harder leaner body, have more energy, and feel on top of the world.


Once again this program presents a rare opportunity for the right people to take the guesswork out of attempts at body fat loss by committing to an intensive 8 week period with science and guidance on your side. No unrealistic goals. No gimmicks. No hype. Not only will you be in better shape by the end of the 8 weeks, you will have learned things about nutrition and body fat management that will stay with you forever.




To be eligible to take part you need to be able to commit to the following key dates;

Sat 22nd May 12:30pm - 1:30pm @ Anytime Fitness Prahran

- Body Composition Assessments

- Receive your 8WTC essentials pack


Sat 22nd May 4pm - 5pm @ Zoom

- Interactive online information session

- Learn how to begin tracking your macros

- Learn how to use the training app

- General Q&A

Mon 24th May until Sat 17th July

- strict nutritional adherence for 8 weeks

- minimum 4 weight training sessions per week

- attend Anytime Fitness Prahran each Saturday for a 5-minute weekly check-in (measurements, questions etc.)

Sat 17th July 12:30pm - 2:30pm @ The Cullen Rooftop

- Grand Finale

- Body Composition Assessments

- Celebrate your results

- Learn how to safely transition off the nutrition program


Currently this program is capped at a maximum of 20 participants. We are seeking people who are willing to bite the bullet, learn some new things, and adopt a lifestyle of discipline for an 8 week period.


Register with the intent to fully surrender yourself to this program and together we will achieve great things.

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