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We are gym-based Personal Trainers who respect your time and take your fitness seriously.

Come to us with your muscle, body fat, strength or fitness related goals and we'll provide the roadmap to achieve this in the safest and most time effective ways possible.

We'll make your journey fun and have you feeling amazing along the way. Our accomplishments are mutually beneficial :)

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Weight Training

Build Strength + Add Muscle + Boost Metabolism


Cardio Fitness

Improve Stamina + Vitality + Event Preparation

Green Goodness

Nutrition Coaching

Strip Body Fat + Look Good + Feel Great

What We Do

Marcus Aurelius

“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength”



Personal Trainer // Nutrition Coach


"I have dedicated my life to the ongoing study of optimizing the human body.

With a scientific approach to both exercise and nutrition,

I am motivated to deliver the best possible results for my clients

through the continued refinement of proven methods"

Skye has over 15 years industry experience, is a champion bodybuilder, fitness model, accomplished triathlete, and is currently training to complete his first ultra-marathon. Skye is the real deal when it comes to true fitness and maintaining a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Skye has coached multiple physique competitors to PRO status as natural bodybuilders and bikini models, and been responsible for guiding countless clients through incredible life-changing transformations.

Who We Are


Personal Trainer // Group Fitness Instructor


Alison is an enthusiastic instructor who is eager to help you reach your fitness goals through building healthy and sustainable habits. She is passionate about making your training a positive and engaging experience - focusing primarily on strength and circuit-based training.


“Weight training has powerful benefits for both the mind and body, and I want to encourage and empower people of all ages and skill levels to improve their quality of life through exercise. I’m a firm believer that you’re only one workout away from a great mood.”


Personal Trainer // Group Fitness Instructor


“I remember needing guidance in the gym, but being too intimidated to ask. I believe this was very detrimental to my progress over the years, so now my purpose is to teach my clients correct execution and the skills to train long term and obtain amazing results. Training with me will be an enjoyable and rewarding process in which I’ll be with you every step of the way. Ultimately I want you to live your best life in your best possible body!"

Devon will teach you how to combine weight training and mobility to transform your body into something that looks, moves and functions the best it can. He is focused on helping you lose fat, build muscle and increase strength to achieve a body you can be proud of.


After so many negative experiences with other PTs, I finally found James and Skye. I'm now down 35kg (and counting) and gone from hating the gym,

to being incomplete without it. 

Skye has been a big part of my journey to a stronger and fitter person.

He understands my limitations and sticks with me til the end. I admire his patience and perseverance.

(Thank you for being there!)

As a beginner to weight training James set up a routine of progressive exercises, focusing on correct form, and guided me through the process. James' ability to impart knowledge in a relaxed and encouraging manner has kept me on task and made the journey extremely enjoyable and rewarding. I now feel very confident in the gym and am fitter and happier than at any time in my life.

I've been overweight, underweight and everywhere in between. James gave me confidence to train responsibly with weights and understand the areas I’m targeting. With his guidance and consistent training I'm stronger overall and am headed toward a balanced, healthier lifestyle.

Finding a personal trainer who is able to improve your personal fitness, keep you challenged and motivated - with a sense of humour - is not easy.

In Skye Boyland I have found such a person.

Adrian Z,

IT Professional

Juliana T,

Market Research

Adam C,


Phil D,


Faye R,

Business Consultant



Use the online booking system to schedule a consultation with one of our trainers. If you are unable to find a time that suits you, reach out to us using the contact form below.



Your trainer will contact you via phone or email to introduce himself and confirm your appointment.



Sit-down consultation with your trainer to discuss your objectives, training history, and anything else that might be relevant to helping you.



This is a full-body

training session

(not difficult) offering you technique coaching on basic compound exercises, while at the same time providing your trainer insight into your unique strengths & weaknesses, crucial to effectively structuring your training sessions to follow.


A mutual understanding of your objectives has been reached, and a realistic plan for achieving these goals has been agreed upon.


We are in this together!




Our services are available exclusively to ANYTIME FITNESS members at the following locations:

16 Grattan Street, Prahran

VIC 3181

21 Daly Street, South Yarra

VIC 3141

Not yet a member of Anytime Fitness?

Guest passes can be arranged to help new clients get started. Mention this to your trainer when confirming your consultation.

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